OT 2012: 2 Sam 22-23

In today’s reading we read about David’s Mighty Men – a band of 30 men who did great deeds and personal feats of war protecting David.  They were amazing in their strength, courage, daring, and skill in battle.

One of my favorite stories about them comes in 2 Sam. 23:15-17.  David is in the midst of a battle and he’s thirsty.  So three of the mighty men broke through enemy lines and risked their lives just to bring back one cup of water for David to drink.  But David then refuses to drink it and pours it out.  What’s going on here?

David is so devoted to God that when he receives the cup of water, he sees that it has significant value – these men risked their lives to get it.  So instead of keeping it for himself, he pours it out as a type of offering to God.  He refuses to keep something so valuable for himself because his love and devotion for God are extremely great.

Is our love and devotion to God that great?  When we come across something of value is our first thought to give it to God?  Or do we immediately think of ourselves and the benefit we can reap from keeping it?  David shows me that I have a long way to go in my devotion to the Lord.

Also, it’s important to look at it from the standpoint of the mighty men who risked their lives for this cup of water.  First, if Jesus asked us to get him a cup of water, would we risk being killed just to get it?  Would we risk our lives for Christ if the task he called us to perform seemed insignificant (like a cup of water?).

Furthermore, think about how these men felt when David poured it out.  They had just broken through enemy lines and risked being killed to get that water.  Now he pours it out?!  How ungrateful!  We must ask ourselves, would we do the same for Jesus?  Would we risk being killed while performing a task we knew would ultimately result in nothing produced?

If Jesus simply asked us to break through the enemy lines and then come back to him for no reason at all, would we obey?  Obedience is the key here.  Why do we follow the commands in the Bible?  Yes, they ensure a better life for us than if we break them.  Yes, many times we receive blessing and pleasure from obedience.  But the first and foremost reason for obeying the commands of God in the Bible should be because God commands it.  And our respect, love, and devotion for God should lead us to follow, even if we think the commandment is pointless.