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Catching Fish, Cleaning Fish

Catching fish can be fun.  Eating fish is enjoyable.  In between, there is one step that is not so enjoyable – cleaning

Catching Fish, Cleaning Fish 2013-04-11T19:33:06+00:00

Satan the Accuser

And I heard a loud voice in heaven saying, "Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and

Satan the Accuser 2013-04-09T14:59:26+00:00

That’s Just Not Who I Am

The other day I came across this quote in an article: That little voice inside your head saying, "That's just not who

That’s Just Not Who I Am 2013-04-08T15:23:39+00:00

Watch Me!

"Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ."                     - 1 Corinthians

Watch Me! 2013-04-03T15:22:42+00:00

OT 2012: Job 14-16

Job is a tricky book to understand because suffering in this world is a tricky thing to understand.  Here are a few

OT 2012: Job 14-16 2012-07-26T15:05:44+00:00

OT 2012: Neh 12-13

Today we finished up the book of Nehemiah.  If you've been reading through with us it should be obvious that Nehemiah provides

OT 2012: Neh 12-13 2012-07-18T14:21:17+00:00

OT 2012: Neh 3-5

Today we read in Nehemiah how the Israelites are rebuilding the wall even though the surrounding people are mocking them and threatening

OT 2012: Neh 3-5 2012-07-12T14:10:30+00:00

OT 2012: Ezra 8-9

Wow, it's been such a long time since I've blogged in our trek through the OT in 2012.  But I haven't given

OT 2012: Ezra 8-9 2012-07-10T15:33:17+00:00

OT 2012: 2 Sam 22-23

In today's reading we read about David's Mighty Men - a band of 30 men who did great deeds and personal feats

OT 2012: 2 Sam 22-23 2012-05-15T15:00:45+00:00

OT 2012: 2 Sam 12

I realize this chapter was in the reading for yesterday, however I did not have time to post about it.  However I

OT 2012: 2 Sam 12 2012-05-10T13:50:31+00:00